Vodafone Spain unveils digital marketing service for SMEs

Vodafone has followed last week’s launch of revamped flexible plans for Spanish businesses by announcing a portfolio of digital marketing and SEO services for SMEs and freelancers. The operator has teamed up with business advisory company BeeDigital for the initiative called Vodafone Business Digital. SMEs signing up to the service will be offered tools and advice from BeeDigital  and Vodafone experts on how to boost their social media presence, increase traffic to their website (SEO), improve ad campaigns, create and redesign websites and expand security, among other strategies.

Future benefits will include e-commerce services allowing SMEs to define different delivery times and places, include information on the status of orders and manage different payment gateway options. Vodafone said the service will be adapted to the needs of each type of company and can be accessed at prices starting at EUR 9.90 a month.


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