Italian Digital Marketing Guru Marco Valentinsig shares how the Internet has become an essential part of our daily lives

In today’s day and age, the Internet has become an integral part of everyone’s lives. Be it a child or a senior or a working class adult, the Internet has become essential for our survival. It has become the companion we rely on, it answers our questions, guides us to our destinations and even recommends us products and services that we need. During these trying times of the pandemic, Italian digital marketing expert Marco Valentinsig explains how and why the Internet plays such an important role in our lives.

To explain this, Marco first asks a simple question, imagine a world without the Internet, imagine one where we are stuck in this pandemic without Internet, the ease of access that we enjoy and take for granted from the safety of our homes, would it be possible with no Internet?

Marco then goes on to explain,
“Well everything would have happened as it did and eventually we would have managed to do all that happened even without the internet, but it would involve mobilization of more resources and would have taken much longer to reach everyone.”

“The fact that internet reaches the last mile faster than one can blink an eye is the sole reason that it has become a necessity in around three decades of being publicly introduced” he further adds.

Marco Valentinsig is the founder and CEO of popular digital marketing service provider’Beliked’ which is based in Italy.

Continuing his train of thought, Marco in a recent interview shared, “Ever since the United States of America included the Internet in its list of the Seven Wonders of World in November 2006; everyone was assured that Internet holds the key to the future.”

“Countries and Organization’s started planning migration to digital records and digitization of everything that was stored physically in record books. However, some players chose to stay traditional and did not embrace the idea sighting issues over privacy and security but expected to eventually join the brigade in the future once their concerns were addressed.”

“According to Marco, “While it was anticipated that digital would take over the world by 2030, it has already happened in 2020 for two major reasons. One being the evolution of the handheld mobile phones and the second being the unfortunate pandemic. Almost every company, firm and even the smallest of service providers now choose internet marketing over Ad spaces and display hoardings or billboards and internet ads have even surpassed advertisements on the TV and Radio. The internet has already connected the world and digital marketing will grow leaps and bounds in this decade”

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