Bailey talks about the sociology of sale in digital marketing

Aristotle says, “Men are social beings”. But have you pondered enough about this term ‘social,’ although we make ample use of it in our daily vocabularies? Well, to define it simply, social is an invisible force that pulls and pushes our behaviors across all mediums. We can say that being social or having an apt sociology ideal is a phenomenon very much required to sustain ourselves in society.

However, one barely untouched topic of discussion is the sociology of digital marketing and sales conducted on it. We need to make sense of our behavior on social media. And that’s what exactly works as an impetus to strengthen this behavior of ours.

Bailey Dalton, a 25 years old digital marketer and content strategist at Turnstone, talks about the sociology of sale in digital marketing. Let’s have a look.

Turnstone is a company that imports liquor. Bailey conceived this idea at a bar one night. Apart from how to run the business on a digital platform and how to use digital tools to make a strong presence of her company website, Bailey harps on the sociological aspect of it.

Bailey, in an interview, has said, “I always prefer to focus on the qualitative aspect or prospect of my customers.” She clearly is a social-behavioral analyst. The urge to know the prospects of customers’ visits on a website also falls under the sociology of digital marketing.

The sociology of digital marketing also involves knowing one’s customers. It’s like knowing who your users are and learning about their needs and desires. To achieve this goal, one can make use of the model of AIDA, abbreviated as Awareness, Interests, Desires, and Actions. Bailey employs methods like running surveys on her established customers and evaluating their needs accordingly.

Hence, the key takeaway of Bailey’s experience in digital marketing could be to value the customers’ needs and wants the most and step into their shoes to understand them better. It is one key strategy that can help online businesses to thrive more and make their digital presence stronger.

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