The Role Of Technology In The Future Of Work

New technologies have become an essential part of many workplaces as companies transition to remote working arrangements. The use of video conferencing tools and other online platforms have become a necessity for workers to collaborate and communicate with one another.

But these resources barely scratch the surface of offerings. Now with augmented reality being used on assembly lines and even medical procedures, these technologies are redefining the role of the office.

The adoption of such technologies is giving companies the chance to cut down on their real estate footprints as more employees continue to work from home.

Along with these latest advancements in technology will be the use of virtual offices. For years, companies who operate with distributed workforces have used these offices as a way to keep teams connected, no matter where they were working from.

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Now more than ever, virtual offices are the ideal tool for organizations who are focused on keeping their employees engaged throughout the pandemic. These usually include a platform that allows workers to video chat, instant message and more.

Additionally, demand for virtual focus groups has been growing over the last several months. For instance, virtual environment platforms such as Remesh provide companies with insights from small focus groups through digital surveys.

By doing so, business leaders can have a better idea of how employees are feeling at the time, and what they need to produce their best work.

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