Philly is Hiring 100 Temporary Elections Workers. Here’s How to Apply – NBC10 Philadelphia

A hundred full-time jobs just opened up in Philly as the city looks to fill out the staff at its elections offices ahead of November.

The 100 clerical assistant jobs with the Board of Elections pay $13.75 an hour, City Commissioner Omar Sabir said in a news release.

Hiring is taking place immediately as the city looks to open more satellite elections offices. At those locations, voters can register, apply for a mail-in ballot, and cast one all in the same place.

Nine satellite offices are currently open, with more to be announced before Election Day, Nov. 3.

Clerical worker applicants need to be 18 or older and a city resident. They should have data entry skills, customer service experience and a knowledge of office procedures. Basic knowledge of Microsoft Office and arithmetic are also required.

“We need Philadelphians in every corner of the city to apply for these jobs so that we can properly staff offices across the city, ensuring that all Philadelphians have access to our satellite offices and the services they provide” Sabir said.  

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