Intra Branda Reinvigorates the Digital Marketing Space Through Innovative Storytelling – Press Release

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / October 8, 2020 / Intra Branda is more than just a marketing agency. The team is built of passionate storytellers who want to express their clients’ brand identities in new and exciting ways. They help their clients with anything digital, whether it be marketing, web design, app design, graphic design, social media, custom content, and more. They are a one-stop-shop that helps their clients build their brand to their liking.

Aleksandar Urdarevik is the mastermind behind the wildly successful Intra Branda. He is a 27-year old digital entrepreneur born in Toronto, Canada. He currently resides in Houston, Texas, where he operates his brand and helps others build theirs. His company is unlike any other company in the digital marketing industry. They pride themselves on telling their clients’ stories rather than just putting their info out there. To no one’s surprise, their strategy has earned their clients’ amazing results over the years.

Intra Branda has a proven track record of delivering amazing results across the board. They have a set of comprehensive and complex marketing strategies that are tailor-made for each of their clients. Their strategies, paired with their unique custom content, has never failed to drive results and convert clients.

The agency has done a lot of work for celebrities by helping them build their brands. One such celebrity is Johnny Dang, who is a famous Vietnamese jeweler. They completely transformed his digital presence and got him over 2,000,000 followers on all of his social platforms, which continues to grow until this very day.

They also created his website and put systems in place to transform his workflow process to eliminate any bottlenecks. Apart from celebrities, Intra Branda has also worked with both small and large businesses scaling them up with their creative strategies and unique solutions. There is no one else doing it quite like they are in terms of creativity and execution.

Celebrities, entrepreneurs, and businessmen who want to grow their brands will greatly benefit from the services that Intra Branda provides. They encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to do away with their grueling 9-5 jobs, and they guarantee to help them build their brands with fantastic results.

Aleksander has always been an entrepreneur his entire life, and he always excelled in marketing. He is a very creative person who always thinks out of the box, so marketing became a breeze for him. With his passion for the craft and helping others, it’s an incredible advantage that he is in charge of running Intra Branda.

Aleksander and his team of experts are fascinated by their clients’ stories and they use that fascination to bring out the best in their clients’ brand. Intra Branda lives by their slogan: “Our story is to tell your story.” Over the years, they have kept their word and have driven sustainable growth for their clients.

The Intra Branda team is never happy unless their client is happy; they aim to become the #1 marketing agency and will dominate Houston as they expand into other markets. In the near future, they aim to sign up and help clients achieve their goals and reach milestones. They would want to work with more celebrities and rappers, as well as start-ups and VC backed projects. With the way Aleksander is leading the team, it’s inevitable that they will indeed reach the top.

To know more about Intra Branda and all the amazing things they do, make sure to visit their official website. For updates, follow their Facebook and Instagram accounts.


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