KeepTruckin launches Smart Load Board

KeepTruckin has launched the Smart Load Board, a freight matching solution designed to help carriers find the right loads faster, the company announced. The Smart Load Board aggregates thousands of loads from industry partners and surfaces them for more than one million registered drivers in KeepTruckin’s platform.

To align with carriers’ existing daily workflows, the Smart Load Board is embedded in KeepTruckin’s Fleet Dashboard and Driver App and free to all KeepTruckin users. According to the company, data science and machine learning algorithms analyze drivers’ needs and preferences to automatically match the right jobs to the right carriers. 

Photo: KeepTruckin

“KeepTruckin was founded with a clear mission — to improve the safety and efficiency of the trucking industry,” said Shoaib Makani, CEO of KeepTruckin. “Over the past seven years, we have built the largest network of connected trucks in North America, giving KeepTruckin the unique opportunity to change the way freight is moved. The Smart Load Board is the first and only ELD-based freight marketplace that automatically matches loads based on a deep understanding of a carrier’s needs and preferences. The Smart Load Board will revolutionize the way trucking companies dispatch their drivers, reducing empty miles and improving their bottom line as a result.”

Industry launch partners, including Echo Global Logistics (Echo), Uber Freight, Edge Logistics, Bennett, EPES Logistics, Page Trucking, Keller Freight Solutions, and Parade, will post thousands of loads to the Smart Load Board, KeepTruckin added. Carriers moving loads for these partners can choose to share their KeepTruckin location data, which will allow the brokerage to access it specifically for the duration of the load being moved.

“At Echo Global Logistics we are always looking for ways to expand our digital network and simplify the way we interact with our carrier partners,” said Dave Menzel, president and COO at Echo. “We are excited to partner with KeepTruckin’s Smart Load Board, as it will allow Echo to continue to increase our access to capacity for our shippers.”

Trucking companies with brokerage divisions can also use the Smart Load Board to access capacity from KeepTruckin’s network.

“KeepTruckin continues to remain carrier-first with the launch of the Smart Load Board,” said Tim Hadden, CIO of Bennett. “Accessing capacity from their network —in a manner that is secure — will only help to grow Bennett’s business. We feel extremely confident with the steps they’ve taken to ensure our data is protected and is only shared with the third-parties we proactively choose to share it with.”

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