San Xavier Mission School receives over $20,000 donation for technology

SAN XAVIER, Ariz. (KVOA) – The San Xavier Mission School received 22,000 dollars in donations from the community. As some students head back into the classroom, others are still remote learning. The problem, resources and accessibility to technology aren’t equal across the board.

Jacqueline Kroskov, an 8th-grade teacher at San Xavier Mission School, said when learning moved to strictly online, the student’s job and her job got much harder.

“I was working on my lesson plans trying to be creative for virtually, and there was this moment where I realized if my students can’t perform the task with technology I’m not doing my job efficiently,” Kroskov said.

She took to Facebook, asking for spare laptops and donations so her students have it easier. She told News 4 Tucson, the post took off.

“Other people posted it and it went viral,” Kroskov said. “I was hoping to get a few laptops for my eighth graders.”

A few days later a GoFundMe was created and the goal was to raise $10,000 dollars in 30 days. She said within a week they had already broken the goal but kept it open to see how much money they could raise.

“We start to see 12 thousand, 13 thousand, 16 thousand, huge donations are coming in, Kroskov said.

The GoFundMe ended up raising over $22,000. She said this experience was hard to put into words.

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