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The arrival of digital media has revolutionized the traditional marketing techniques of India. From factors contributing to the development of the Rupee 255 billion industry, access to the internet stands ahead of all. It intensified the use of smartphones, laptops and computers and gave birth to a new era. Further, Prime Ministers, Digital India campaign only ignited the spark with a vision to transform the nation into a digitally powered economy.
After that it was never looking back, we use the internet for everything, from ordering food online to booking a cab to opting for social media influencer as a profession.

Studying consumer behavior through mobile devices, social media, search engines and other channels eased the process of every business and took over traditional marketing quickly. The process is popularly known as digital marketing.

Kenneth Macknight residing in Gurugram, Haryana is a young entrepreneur. He is youngest digital marketing expert who is converting his skills into profession and achieving his desired Goals.He is very active person who takes keen interest in learning and exploring new things which lead him to find his prons in world of Digital marketing. Since then, in early age of 15, he started putting his skills into business and is achieving his milestones with full compassionHe initiated his work at internet and paid complete attention to how he can become perfect in it. He gave his best and worked on his imperfections. After long struggles and hard work, Kenneth finally became a professional in this field and started working as digital marketer. He also tried his hand at Management, sports and many more.When Kenneth realized that he is doing extremely well in this field he didn’t ignore his skill and put extra time and effort to bring perfection in his skills. With complete determination and commitment , he started working and is now one of the best youngest entrepreneurs in India. He recently founded Orllena.

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