Freelancers share the strategies they used to build 6-figure careers

  • You’re looking to switch careers or start a side gig as a freelancer, but getting started seems like an impossible process to navigate.
  • These stories offer an inside look at how some of the most successful freelancers launched a career, and the strategies and platforms that helped them hit the ground running.
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The ups and downs of freelancing might seem like a treacherous path to success, but these freelancers found a way to combine their passions with consistent work — and now make five to six figures doing it. 

Whether it’s the exact emails they sent to their first paying clients or the freelancing platforms and tech they used to get going, they share candid advice about their journey and recommendations on getting started. 

Freelancers who took the leap from full-time to freelancing

Freelancers who used email to land clients and increase their rates

Freelancers who substantially grew their income and business

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