Blog: Social Media: The Most Essential Part of a Digital Marketing Strategy (10/4/20)

There is absolutely no doubt that social media has become one of the most effective communication platforms. The internet is more accessible than ever and everyone has a smart device.

Checking in on social media is now part of everyone’s daily routine. It is the easiest way to find people, connect with them and engage them. Social media has become an essential part of any digital marketing strategy and here are five reasons why.

It’s what we are reading

One of the things that makes scrolling through social media sites so addictive and routine is the vast amount of information available to us. This information is easily selected to be specific to our interests. Specific to what we like to read about.

Social media platforms have become the place to discover new ideas about what we are interested in. It is also the place to discover new ideas about new things. It’s where we are reading our “news.”

The convenience of gaining information via a scroll through your favorite social media site means that consumers don’t want to read long-winded essays on things they are interested in. This is where good writing services will come in handy. TextRoyal is a writing service that offers multiple solutions under one roof. From product descriptions to social media posts, from blogs to web content, the professional writers at TextRoyal can help you with every content need.

It’s affordable

Social media platforms are available to one and all at no cost. All it’s going to cost you is time and creativity. The potential of large-scale reach will undoubtedly ensure a return on any investment. Be that time or money.

Social media is the easiest way to get people talking about your product or marketing campaign. The more creative you are, the more likely you are to have users pause to read and engage with your campaign. All this without the high cost of airtime on traditional broadcast platforms.

Just remember that it is important to invest regular time in keeping your social media campaigns updated and current. Daily and weekly posts are crucial.

Customer relationships

The interactive nature of social media has made building relationships with your customers and consumers easier than ever before. Social media platforms serve as both a broadcast and conversation medium.

Your audience has the opportunity to comment on your posts. Like them, share them and also report them. This is all necessary and useful information for your campaign. This information helps you nurture customer relationships based on their direct feedback.

People like to be heard. People like the opportunity to have their say. Social media allows this and so allows for a more successful marketing strategy based on solid feedback.


The high potential of building and maintaining customer relationships afforded by social media will ultimately build loyalty to your brand. Consumers seek a service as well as a product. The communication and high-visibility options that social media marketing gives you strategy make this even more possible.

A social media presence builds familiarity with your audience. The communication element that social media offers allow you to offer a more tailored service. Customers and consumers have a direct link to you and this makes them feel special.

Very often, the quality of a product is overlooked when the service that comes with it makes the consumer feel acknowledged and special. This is what makes a household brand.

Boosts SEO

Search engine optimization has so many facets and factors that monitor rankings. Social media is the only element of the internet that changes and updates as fast as consumer activity. This makes it the easiest way to calculate the data needed to determine these rankings.

The stronger your social media presence and following, the stronger your SEO rankings are likely to be. This, of course, requires a positive presence. Likes, shares and positive comments are what you need from your followers.

Search engines recognize and consider social media activity making these platforms incredibly essential to your digital marketing strategy. The higher your ranking, the higher your visibility.

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