A Mission to Reimagine Policing Brings Together Bowdoin Grads

Price Nyland ’20

Price Nyland ’20 is now a full-time staff member on Community Engagement team, led by Dominque Johnson ’11. Nyland said she felt lucky she found a boss in Johnson “who is willing to put as much effort into you as you are putting into your job.”

Two of the Bowdoin interns she hired received accelerator grants: Abigail Gurgiolo ’20 and Ural Mishra ’20. CPE funded the wages of the remaining seven: Beatrice Cabrera ’20, Brandon Schuster ’23, Cameron Withers ’21, Jason Park ’21, Jiadi Chang ’20, Price Nyland ’20, and Yaseen Ahmed ’23.

From the start, Johnson promised the interns to try to offer them as many full-time opportunities as they became available.

She’s on her way to achieving that objective. Nyland and Mishra were recently hired as full-time Community Engagement staff members on Johnson’s team. All the other interns continue to work on an hourly basis (with the exception of Cabrera, who has accepted a job at the US Department of Justice).

Johnson said her summertime staff of sixteen interns—which included an additional seven interns from other schools besides Bowdoin—was instrumental in helping her department expand its reach.

Nyland said the opportunity has been “incredible,” an outcome she did not expect last spring when she started her job search. At that point, prospects seemed “a bit grim,” she said. “I wanted to do something meaningful and not just take any entry-level job that was not contributing to much.” 

When Nyland saw Johnson’s post for CPE interns on the CXD job website, she reached out. Johnson quickly responded, and Nyland was soon part of the team. (Everyone has been working and continues to work remotely through the pandemic.)

Johnson came to CPE after a career that has included working for the president of Kosovo to implement reparations for wartime victims of sexual violence, and for Everytown for Gun Safety as research outreach manager. There she was instrumental in developing youth voices and expanding connections in communities disproportionately impacted by gun violence. She majored in sociology and Spanish at Bowdoin, and has a master’s degree in international relations from The New School. 

At CPE, she now is working on creating a permanent internship program, one that she hopes will be a pipeline for students from Bowdoin and other colleges to contribute to CPE and its mission of equity and justice. 

Nyland recommends the experience. “I can’t imagine doing work that wasn’t this way, that wasn’t contributing to changing the current climate we’re in,” she said. “Knowing that I can bring something to the table, that I have worthy ideas, and be an integral member of a team that is working on stuff that matters is priceless.”

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