Watch a Hands-On Review of PS5 on YouTube Today

Tune in to YouTube on October 4 for some more PS5 gameplay videos brought to you by some Japanese content creators. This will be a part of YouTube Gaming Week, a week-long festival sponsored by the platform itself. The PlayStation 5 review will start at 6 pm local time (10 am UK/2 am PT/5 am ET).

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This PlayStation 5 review will showcase the hands-on gameplay of various titles for the upcoming console. It will dissect and provide more insight about the power this console packs and the next-gen elements of gaming it promises to bring.

The PS5 packs a huge amount of gaming power, thanks to its powerful hardware. It is expected to do away with long loading times and run games at unbelievable framerates at 4K resolution. Moreover, the DualSense controller will enable players to be a part of the gameplay experience through its haptic feedback.

Tune in to YouTube later today for a hands-on PS5 gameplay review

Most of the channels will most probably be streaming the demo title included in the console, which is Astro’s Playroom. This game will show off the gaming capacity of the console and the DualSense controller like no other.

Canadian video game journalist Geoff Knightley had already tried out this title on his stream in July. However, one of the channels has confirmed that they will stream other games as well. Another content creator known as Lulu Suzuhara has confirmed she will gameplays of the upcoming title Godfall, and the popular Capcom title Devil May Cry V.

Below we are embedding all the YouTube placeholders where you can watch the PlayStation 5 hands-on gameplay review:

The much-awaited PS5 will hit the stores on the 12th of November this year and has an exciting lineup of games set to release for it. Tune in and take a look at how the gaming rig will deliver a next-gen experience.

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