Very Group’s secrets to digital marketing success

Speaking at Drapers Digital Festival 2020 on 1 October, O’Brien said digital marketing became more important than ever during the coronavirus crisis for the etailer.

“As an online retailer, digital marketing is our norm but during Covid it became more important to pivot into digital marketing more quickly and deliver swift commercial results on a smaller budget. It allows you to reach your customer where they already are; it gives you a richness of insights to fuel relevant experience; and you can learn quickly and refine and adapt your strategy.”

O’Brien gave her top tips to maximise digital marketing spend on a smaller budget.

1 Optimise your key conversion channels to business outcomes, not fixed weekly spend

As consumer demand ebbs and flows retailers can adapt their digital marketing to that. For example, when the government announced it was closing gyms, searches for fitness equipment soared at The Very Group. The business was able to switch its marketing immediately, delivering a consistent return on spend.

2 Maximise the creative capital of influencers to engage your audience

Create really relevant content that works for your customers. During Covid-19 seeing real people in their home environments was relevant. A video of actress Michelle Keegan’s lockdown range for Very got 1.2 million impressions in 24 hours on TikTok.

3 Create content once, with a clear proposition, and power all your channels

Retailers need to be efficient from a spend perspective now more than ever. For its denim campaign Very shot eight different formats- for its various social channels right through to its own website- in one day in one location.

4 Create interactive formats which are genuinely useful and engaging

Speak to your customers and create tools that are useful and provide a smooth shopping experience.

5 Listen to your customer’s actions and follow up on their intent

In lockdown browsing ramped up as shoppers spent more time online and bought into different categories than normal. Very Group worked hard to make sure its CRM was still relevant by ensuring its “recommended for you” brought in shoppers’ most recent shopping behaviours, improving clickthrough by 12%.


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