YouTube Posts Mirror Biden, Trump Strategies: Campaign Update

(Bloomberg) — The presidential campaigns’ very different approaches to YouTube after the first debate mirrored their overall strategies.

There are 34 days until the election and 75 days until the Electoral College meets.

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Post-Debate YouTube Strategies Mirror Campaigns

President Donald Trump’s campaign highlighted confrontational moments at the debate on YouTube, while Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s camp picked two calmer clips.

In an echo of the aggressive campaign and debate strategies, the Trump campaign posted nearly 22 clips on YouTube in the hours after the debate showing him attacking Biden over his son, Hunter; the Obama administration’s handling of the H1N1 virus; and his support for a 1990s crime bill, among other things.

“President Trump rips Joe Biden for his horrible treatment of Black Americans and his racist comments,” read the title of one video.

The Biden campaign’s videos, meantime, echoed his effort to present himself as a calming influence. In one, Biden urges people to vote and notes that even if Trump cries foul over mail-in ballots, they will still be counted. In another, he criticizes Trump’s coronavirus response.

“Joe Biden on Trump’s Lack of a Covid-19 Plan,” the video was titled.

Coming Up:

Senator Kamala Harris and Vice President Mike Pence will debate on Oct. 7 in Salt Lake City.

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