Nexceris awarded $3m to commercialise reversible solid oxide cell technology

Nexceris has been awarded $3m by the US Department of Energy to accelerate commercialisation of its proprietary reversible solid oxide cell (RSOC) technology.

The project is intended to fulfil DOE’s objective of accelerating the pace of commercialisation for small-scale solid oxide hybrid power systems using solid oxide cells for hydrogen production and power generation.

In announcing the funding opportunity, Secretary of Energy Dan Brouilette stated, “The Department of Energy plays an important role in advancing innovation to provide clean and reliable energy for the American people.”

In the same announcement, Assistant Secretary for Fossil Energy Steven Winberg said, “SOFC that are ready to be utilised by commercial customers will help us meet global emissions targets, as well as make hydrogen production more widely available than ever before.”

In the awarded effort, Nexceris and its partners, Northwestern University and the Colorado School of Mines, will scale its stack technology to the prototype system level and demonstrate world-class performance to achieve hydrogen production costs of less than $2/kg at a large-scale system level (100 kW or larger).

The project capstone will be a pressurised stack demonstration, demonstrating the production of hydrogen, its storage, and reverse oxidation to generate electricity using solid oxide cell technology.

The solid oxide cell being developed in the program could play an enabling role in emerging Power-to-X value streams, in which hydrogen generated by electrolysis can be used to provide seasonal energy storage, or serve as a feedstock to fuels or high value chemicals.

The RSOC design being developed in this program will utilise a single energy conversion system to produce hydrogen and convert it back to electricity, reducing the size and capital cost of industrial installations.

Nexceris CEO Kyle Shen commented, “This RSOC project aligns well with Nexceris’ vision to create a better world through energy innovations.”

“We are proud of our ability to successfully commercialize green technologies, and we are excited to partner with the US Department of Energy to bring another sustainable technology to market.”

“Demonstrating RSOC creates an important opportunity broaden the energy storage approaches available to the Nation’s grid and US utilities.”

Nexceris’ Chief Technology Officer Scott Swartz added, “This is a great opportunity for Nexceris to demonstrate how our advanced SOC stack materials, designs and stack technology can enable highly efficient hydrogen production and energy storage.”

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