Chobani & Other Big Brands Find Success With Multichannel Gamification Marketing Strategies

Brands are going bolder with digital marketing strategies, looking to engage consumers who are spending more time at home and online. Gamification, a popular marketing strategy before COVID-19, continues to gain momentum as a mobile-friendly approach for brands to keep consumers engaged for longer. 

Xfinity Partners With Pinterest To Promote Its Wireless Phone & Data Service

In a unique move, Xfinity has partnered with Pinterest to promote its wireless phone and data service. Pinterest, the social media and commerce platform that lets users create inspiration boards with pins, is having a big year, launching several new features and adding more than 49 million users. By leveraging Pinterest’s growing popularity, Xfinity is able to reach an engaged audience, including women who make up more than two-thirds of Pinterest’s users. 

According to Robert Williams at Mobile Marketer, “The [Xfinity] games use the built-in Pinterest button for web browsers called a Pin extension to highlight a feature of Xfinity’s wireless network. The ‘Switch ‘n Save’ game challenges Pinterest users to collect coins while steering a rocket ship, while ‘Got You Covered’ asks them to connect a network of aliens. Players of ‘Mix ‘n Match’ must match data orbs to build a planet.” The Xfinity games on Pinterest are meant to create a “thumb-stopping” experience for users, who will spend more time engaged with Xfinity while learning about the features of the brand’s products and services.

Chobani Turns To Instagram Story For Gamified Launch Of New Line

Shutterstock_1351638830 Phoenix, Arizona, March 27, 2019: Chobani Brand Greek Yogurt Cups

Chobani has kicked off a new line of lactose-free yogurt products, Chobani Complete, with a campaign that comprises elements across social media and streaming platforms, including a gamified puzzle on Instagram Stories. Instagram users “tap to solve” the puzzle, which then highlights Chobani Complete’s ingredients. The Chobani Complete campaign is targeting younger consumers who are health conscious and may be more inclined to spend time engaged on mobile devices. 

Burberry Turned To Gamification For The Fashion House’s Summer Collection

Over the summer, Burberry debuted its third gamified marketing campaign, “B Surf,” in support of the luxury fashion brand’s TB monogram summer collection. The “B Surf” game allowed users to dress as surfers in Burberry-branded outfits and challenge friends to a race around a track as part of the game. This is Burberry’s first multiplayer game, building off the success of prior games including “B Bounce,” a gamified marketing strategy released last fall featuring Thomas Burberry monogrammed puffer jackets. According to Burberry, “B Bounce” has been played by 2 million people around the world. The goal of Burberry’s multiplayer game is to increase the likelihood that users will share the game with their friends and extend Burberry brand recognition globally. Mobile Marketer notes that for the first two weeks of the “B Surf” gamification campaign Burberry was “offering daily prizes to gamers, including a limited-edition TB surfboard and branded bucket hats.”

Gamification is another strategy for digital marketers to deploy as brands kick off robust digital marketing initiatives across channels. As consumers choose more and more to shop online and spend time on social media, brands are likely to find that gamification is an innovative, appealing choice for consumers, particularly younger consumers who prefer mobile.

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