Lazarbeam Living Life ‘In the Wilderness’ Following YouTube Ban

Lannan Eacott, better known by his YouTube channel’s name Lazarbeam, is one of the most famous gamers on the internet. He has over 16 million subscribers on YouTube. Primarily, his channel grew because of his Fortnite gameplays in 2018, but now, he plays a variety of trending games, and uploads vlogs, and reaction videos. However, following recent developments, fans won’t be able to see their favorite YouTuber streaming or uploading for a few days.

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Youtube bans Lazarbeam for a week

YouTube has reportedly served Lazarbeam with a copyright strike, meaning he is banned from uploading or streaming on the platform for a week. True to his nature, Lazar has continued to donate money. This time to random users on Twitter who retweet and follow him.

This is not the first time that Lazarbeam has dealt with copyright strikes. Earlier this year, in August, he faced a similar issue with a three-year-old video on his channel. Consequently, he was banned from YouTube for a week.

Even this time, the YouTuber is getting an unwanted break from making videos and streaming. He is tweeting frequently about his boredom and has also changed his Twitter bio to read, “banned YouTuber streamer.”

In every tweet, he is hoping to discover a new way to spend his time as he rightly asks, “What does a Youtuber without YouTube. Am I supposed to watch Anime?”

For Lazarbeam, this three-day ban probably feels like a lifetime. He even wrote he does not remember his life before the ‘incident’ and is set out on a life in the wilderness where things seem more honest.

Is Youtube having a messed up copyright system?

A copyright strike is a nightmare for any YouTuber. If a channel gets 3 strikes in total, YouTube terminates it permanently. Of course, it is a very effective measure to prevent theft of content, but also fails spectacularly at times.

Recently, another popular YouTuber, Markiplier, who has over 25 million subscribers, faced a strike on his channel. Markiplier was reacting to a road rage prank with characters like Mickey Mouse and Spongebob, and so received a strike for that video. The strike claimed that the video was promoting violence, which was clearly not the case.

Big YouTubers like Markiplier and Lazarbeam still have the resources to contact higher authorities and save their channels. But this is a huge issue for smaller, less popular content creators who lose out on their livelihoods because of wrongful bans. YouTube should focus on improving its copyright system.

As for Lazarbeam, we hope that he is able to stay sane for a few days more and return to his channel and entertain us all again.

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