Unrecognised varsities operate despite blacklisting by UGC

New Delhi: Several unrecognised universities still continue to operate in different parts of the country, despite the University Grants Commission (UGC) repeatedly listing their names on its website every year.

According to the list notified by the UGC in November 2019, 24 universities are listed as “Fake Universities” by the UGC on its website. However, many of these universities still continue to operate and take admission of students, but the degrees, diplomas or certificates provided by these “universities” are not recognised by the UGC or any other body.

One such institute in Delhi which runs under the name of National Institute of Management Solutions, operates from a building in Janakpuri in West Delhi and is listed as an unrecognised university by the UGC. Despite this, the website of this institute is calling for admissions and is still functioning.

This correspondent called the institute to seek admission in a digital marketing course and the “admission counsellor” on the other side of the phone, speaking on behalf of the institute, said, “We have three courses in digital marketing, but the most sought-after course in digital marketing is MBA in digital marketing. It is a one-year regular course which will cost Rs 210,000.”

The admission counsellor further added that this course will provide multiple certifications and that the institute is recognised and affiliated to the Delhi University, and the Union Ministry of Education.

The UGC in October 2019 had issued a public notice through which it had said that this institute was not recognised by the UGC and it had no authority to provide Bachelors or Masters degree either through regular mode or through distance mode.

Asked about this notice, the admission counsellor said, “We do not know how this notice appeared. We are looking into this.”

Another such institute which continues to operate despite the UGC blacklisting it is the IIPM (Indian Institute of Planning and Management). The institute runs a website calling for admissions in various courses. The institute’s website, on the home page has also put out a long note on the Supreme Court’s order claiming that the apex court has dismissed all AICTE cases and has approved them for imparting MBA degrees without AICTE approval.

However, a UGC notice dated May 2019 mentions that this aforesaid institute does not have the authority to provide any undergraduate or postgraduate degrees which includes MBA as well.

Another “university” which runs under the name of “Vishwakarma University for Self Employment” from Delhi, has been termed “fake” by the UGC year after year. However, despite this, the university continues to operate. The “university’s” website has a well-listed course which it offers. Its website also showcases photos of political leaders who have visited the “university”.

The “university” has also uploaded letters of credentials from the Delhi government’s Department of Education.

UGC has listed about seven such unregistered universities operating in Delhi. Some of the other so-called universities in Delhi include a one-room university in Daryaganj which goes by the name of Commercial University Ltd, and another by the name of United Nations University, among others.

Delhi and Uttar Pradesh have the highest number of such “universities”. Uttar Pradesh has eight such “universities” operating as per the UGC list.

Other states like Odisha and West Bengal have two such fake universities each in both states. These fake universities in West Bengal are offering homoeopathy and alternative medicine courses to its students and both are registered in Kolkata, the state capital.

Some other states like Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Puducherry have one fake university in each of the states.


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