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The dawn of coronavirus has spurred a change in the workplace as more and more companies opt to work remotely for the foreseeable future. Leading companies such as Twitter, Slack and Shopify are either switching to a permanent work-from-home structure or allowing employees to opt for that for as long as they choose.

While working from home provides a multitude of conveniences, in some ways, it can be less convenient than working in a traditional office. One of these ways is how staff communication functions when working from home: it can be more difficult to collaborate on projects, share ideas and schedule meetings. But with a lifetime subscription to TimeSync Pro, you can save valuable time for a one-time purchase of $52.99.

An online meeting scheduler specifically designed for remote teams, TimeSync allows you to automatically keep tabs on scheduled meetings and calls, as well as seamlessly sync people, schedules and outcomes. TimeSync also helps you to create different types of events for different purposes, whether it’s sales bookings, job interviews, or any other kind of meeting. Then, you can integrate with all sorts of apps that you use on a daily basis: from your calendar to Zoom and Google Hangouts to Salesforce, HubSpot, and Google Analytics. You can even embed your meeting booking link on a website or in your email signature to streamline the entire process from the get-go.

Time is money, and after weeks of using TimeSync, you’ll soon be saving plenty of both after spending only $52.99. Also, get a one-year subscription for just $39.99.

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