Cansoft Technologies is Back After the Pandemic, Offering Solutions to Marketing Issues

VANCOUVER, BC / ACCESSWIRE / September 24, 2020 / Cansoft Technologies is a digital marketing company in Western Canada, that offers services such as search engine optimization, social media marketing & management, website design & development, as well as Google ad support and other types of digital marketing. These services help a business get found online, and to help the business come top ranking over all other businesses online. There are 1.7 billion websites online currently, and Cansoft Technologies’ digital marketing services help you get to the top. So, what are these services?

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What is SEO?
Search engine optimization with a SEO company, is the process of choosing certain keywords to place in certain positions on your website to gain more traffic. When a certain phrase is searched for, Google searches all the websites in on the search engine to find the websites that match the best. If the phrase searched is, “bacon cream cheese doughnuts”, then the website that mentions that phrase the most will be top of the results, after paid ads, and will get the most clicks. Search engine optimization works to get a certain website filled with pre-determined keywords related to a certain industry to enhance ranking, and thus enhance organic traffic. Search engine optimization techniques can be done on nearly any industries’ website, and allows for more people who are searching certain keywords to find a business.

How Does SEO Help?
SEO company like Cansoft primes a website for certain keywords. Choosing keywords that are related to a certain business means that those said keywords can be added into the website in different ways, to appeal to more searches. This gains a website more organic traffic by being more attractive to people already searching for that website’s product.

Social Media Marketing and Management
Social media management is one of Cansoft’s newest divisions, with a well-equipped team. Social media is still a relatively new part of life, and many business owners don’t know how to utilize the platforms for gain. A social media manager is someone that attends to a business’ entire social media needs, from creating a strategy, to managing content, to working on hashtag research, putting out paid ads and growing the platform’s following. This type of work can grow a business’ brand recognition and awareness, which results in more people finding said business, which leads to more customers.

How Does Social Media Management and Marketing Help?
Digital marketing in general is encompassed with many different pieces, all moving, that work together to generate interest, nurture leads, and close sales. Working with a social media manager can help to identify the correct social media channels to work with, which makes the budgets go as far as it possibly can. A social media manager and marketer can develop a strategy, unique to a business, that will be a plan of what to post, how often you post, and what tone the business socials will take. A social media manager will also create a schedule for the release of digital ads and content, creating a well-oiled machine that flows to allow the business owner to stop thinking about social media management and start focusing on the business. 80% of people are more likely to purchase from a brand that they follow on social media, so having a good presence on at least one platform is imperative for any business.

Photo: Kazi Mamun, CEO, Cansoft Technologies

Bouncing Back From COVID
Western Canada’s best Internet marketing company, Cansoft Technologies, is finally bouncing back after the worldwide pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus. This company knows more than their fair share of digital marketing strategies, from the ones seen here to the other strategies that can help a business grow like a Speech Therapist in Vancouver, a lawyer in Vancouver or business consultant in Vancouver. The team at Cansoft Technologies is back in the office after COVID hit them, ready to work hard on businesses’ marketing strategies. The team has created small branches, while all working in a team, each person handles one different area of the marketing strategy for a business. This allows to excellent productivity and efficiency. All things being said, Cansoft Technologies is the best digital marketing agency in Western Canada to call for all marketing issues. Check out their website:

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