UK Motorists turn to their cars as government u-turns on work from home guidance

With the latest government u-turn around working from home, UK office workers are being encouraged once again to shun their commute and offices in favour of the safety of the kitchen table. 

However, although working from home has become the norm for millions, many workers are still putting up with unsuitable working environments that means they seek out different locations for those important work calls or meetings.

Comparative research carried out by online car marketplace heycar before and after the Spring lockdown has shed new light on the changing nature of how the nation relies on their motors for more than travel and commuting. 

One in 10 admit they regularly work from the car, as a place of quiet solitude where they can get work done better than inside the four walls of their home.

The lack of space and privacy is a key driver for those wanting to escape to their cars with: 

  • One in four (23 per cent) nipping into their car to talk to clients or to catch up with colleagues 
  • 22 per cent use the car as a place to plan the day ahead
  • 20 per cent find the solitude of their car perfect for laptop work 
  • One in five say they use the car for ‘me’ time

The rise from before the pandemic to now is most notable among 17-24 year old workers with:

  • One in five now frequently work from the car (up by a 25 per cent on earlier in the  year) 
  • Male workers in this age group are also twice as likely to work from the car (13 per cent of males Vs seven per cent females within the study)

The heycar research also revealed the important social role cars play in our lives, with 13 per cent saying they use them to have private conversations, while 12 per cent use their vehicles to ring relatives.

CEO of heycar, Mat Moakes says: “The pandemic has changed every aspect of our lives dramatically – including how we use our cars.

“We no longer just see our vehicles as a means of getting us from A to B. Now they are offices, sanctuaries, a place for some much needed ‘me’ time.”

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