Digital entrepreneurship stressed for digital ecosystem

A digital initiative has been taken of late to integrate youths aspiring to become freelancers and/or digital entrepreneurs with the global digital ecosystem as well as the global market.

A well-known digital entrepreneur, international coach and trainer, Hemi Hossain has taken the exceptional initiative for those dreaming of becoming a digital entrepreneur. He founded the Digital Entrepreneurs Hub (a global move to transform life as digital entrepreneur) Edutech Platform, said a media release.

Born in Bangladesh, Hemi moved to Australia with only 600 dollars to complete his graduation. He had to work part-time in restaurant while in study, which suggests that Hemi was living a difficult life abroad. However, he started corporate life upon getting a bank job after his graduation.

At a crucial juncture of his life, he realised that he did not want to work for others anymore and that he needed some freedom. Thus he began his business using the previous corporate experience. At first, he had to go through lots of difficulties. But later he overcame all those obstacles and slowly built his fortune one by one.

2017, Hemi was nominated for the “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” in Bangladesh. In Australia, he was awarded the “Best Business Award in 2018” by Small Business Victoria a year later. He also earned reputation as corporate trainer, business coach and digital entrepreneur.

He has been working with a number of Australian universities and colleges while also currently running several companies simultaneously in Australia and Bangladesh, the release added.

Since 2015, he has making a clarion call for everyone to go from a mere entrepreneur to a digital one. His book “Fire Your Boss” has been well received locally and in the international market. In this book, he has given various tips, tricks and directions as to how one can become a digital entrepreneur. Also, he trained over 300 digital entrepreneurs here and in Australia.

While working alongside the entrepreneurs, Hemi noticed that the freelancers here do some bookish work most of which are not even related with the global ecosystem. A scant number of freelancers have been found ready for international market. According to Hemi, “Although local freelancers are expert in soft skills, they are not suitable for the global market. Very few of them can be a part of the global ecosystem. And that’s just due to lack of proper guidelines.”

He thinks almost all the institutions here only teach the soft skills of freelancing, but very few is paying attention to, what it takes to be, a full-fledged digital entrepreneur.

A good part of those dreaming of a freelancing career aren’t getting proper education and training.

He, therefore, said the Digital Entrepreneur Hub will work towards bridging that gap. Every person who gets attached to the platform will be taught not only soft skills, but also the ability to take responsibility for any task, process skills, introduce leadership skills and get acquainted with the whole digital entrepreneurs’ community through proper guidance.

At the end of the course, the media release quotes Hemi as saying, it’ll be ensured that the students are ready for the global market. And in that case, the Digital

Entrepreneur Hub has its own marketplace, where students can earn by working if they want to. They’ll also be prepared for working in other marketplaces.

Opportunities for grooming and mentoring alongside the world-renowned digital marketers will also be provided.

Upon working with the country’s youth community for long, Hemi said he has seen that the Bangladeshi youths are very talented and hardworking. “They will shine brighter in the global arena only if they get proper guidelines,” he concluded.



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