Russian strategic aircraft set record in uninterrupted flight

Moscow, Sep 20 (Prensa Latina) Two Russian supersonic strategic bombers TU-160, known as ‘White Swan’, stand out today at the top of the longest flights in history with this type of aircraft, after an uninterrupted trip of more than 25 hours.
According to the Ministry of Defense, both TU-160s traveled more than 20,000 kilometers non-stop, during which they performed three refueling operations in the air with the help of six IL-78 tankers.

The aircraft travelled through the Arctic and Pacific Ocean basins, as well as the Karsk, Laptevi, Siberian-Eastern, Chukotka and Barentz seas, the Ministry added.

The previous world record in planes of this type had been set by the TU-160 itself in 2010, when it flew non-stop for 24 hours and 24 minutes, said the capital’s television, which showed the arrival of a ‘White Swan’ to a Russian military base.

SU-35C fighters and some foreign aircraft followed part of the route of the Russian strategic bombers, which carried out this air mission in strict compliance with international regulations, the ministry said.


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