EDITORIAL: An appeal for a moderate Throne Speech

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Governor-General Julie Payette wait to deliver the throne speech in the Senate chamber on Dec. 5, 2019 in Ottawa.


This week, Governor-General Julie Payette will deliver the Liberal government’s new Throne Speech in the House of Commons.

There is great worry across the land about what’s going to be in it. More specifically, there’s great worry that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government are about to send us down the socialist rabbit hole more than they’ve already done these past five years.

Trudeau’s been talking a big game about an “ambitious” agenda. He clearly sees the pandemic crisis as an opportunity for him to strike with whatever green schemes he has up his sleeve.

He also wants to take the currently shaky economy and remake it to be “fairer”, in his words. That sounds like a codeword for more government and more wealth redistribution.

Speaking of fair, how is it fair for Trudeau to do all of this in the middle of a period of national turmoil, with only minority government support? It isn’t.

Trudeau and the Liberals should be singularly focused on managing the pandemic. Not on trying to force their pet projects on us.

The truth is that the feds have done a very poor job these past six months. On pretty much every file that counts, they’ve found a way to bungle it.

Ranging from failing to close the border soon enough, to initially insisting that masks are useless, to shipping our own PPE to China – the list goes on.

To be sure, there is no country in the world that’s fared perfectly. Canada has done worse than others but better than some.

That’s not the point though. The point is that there is still much to be done with managing a second wave. Both public health and the health of the economy are going to require laser focus from all levels of governments.

If Trudeau has some newfangled ideological agenda he wants to enact, then he needs to put it on hold and take it to the people during the next federal election campaign.

Now is not the time for sideshows.

What we need is a moderate Throne Speech that seeks to serve all Canadians during this period of considerable anxiety and uncertainty.

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