iOS 14 picture-in-picture mode not working with YouTube

  • Apple’s iOS 14 update, which just started rolling out, brings a bunch of features aimed at upgrading your iPhone experience.

    However, if the latest reports are anything to go by, one interesting capability of the platform is not working as expected: Picture-in-picture mode.

    It is not supported by YouTube’s app or website, which has naturally left several users annoyed.

    Here’s all about it.

  • What exactly is picture-in-picture mode

  • As the name suggests, picture-in-picture is a dedicated mode to play videos in a smaller window on iPhones.

    It opens up on the home screen to let you do other tasks on the device – like chatting with friends or writing an email – while enjoying the content at the same time.

    Google’s Android also has a similar function on offer.

  • Not working with YouTube

  • When PiP mode started rolling out with iOS 14, users expected to use it with YouTube, the popular video service operated by Google.

    But, as it turns out, the feature is not supported by the YouTube mobile app and has also stopped working for the platform’s mobile website.

    Surprisingly, it did support the feature through beta tests.

  • Smaller window disappears while switching to PiP

    Smaller window disappears while switching to PiP
  • According to user complaints, when they tap on the PiP mode button for a full-screen video playing on YouTube’s website, the smaller window appears but then fades away immediately.

    Shortly after that, the folks at MacRumors noted that the feature appears to be working properly for embedded videos or if you have a YouTube Premium account.

  • No word from Apple or Google

  • This revelation by MacRumors has led many to think that Google might be intentionally limiting PiP to paid customers, much like what it does with the background playback feature of the YouTube app.

    For now, the feature remains inaccessible for free users, and neither Google nor Apple has issued a statement to explain what is going on.

  • A possible workaround may help

    A possible workaround may help
  • Meanwhile, many users have pointed out that PiP mode appears to be working normally for iPad users who often visit the desktop website of the service.

    This means unless there is some answer from the companies involved, you could try avoiding this issue – whether intentional or accidental – by switching to the desktop site of YouTube on your iPhone.

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