Jakob Hager On How To Reduce Market Cost For Small Businesses

Dubai, UAE, Sept. 18, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Jakob Hager is a digital marketing expert who has inaugurated an online education program for Campaign Management targeted to teach smarter commerce to small businesses. Through this program, Haver aspires to teach how it is possible for small businesses and individuals to run a digital marketing campaign at a lower cost.

Through his newly written book, Jakob explains ways to attract customers online by pursuing out of the box techniques. The book by Jakob Hager is receiving a strong response from everyone and has sold over 35,000 copies across the globe.

Jakob’s main area of expertise is paid digital marketing campaigns, where he has managed a total marketing budget of about €50 million for his clients in the last several years, getting on average a return on advertising spend (ROAS) of 5x.

About Jakob Hager:

Jakob Hager realized the importance of digital marketing when his first company failed to reach its fruition. It was a company that provided remote virtual-assistant service in the German-speaking regions.

Jakob eventually decided to shut his business due to his inability to market properly and decided to leave for San Francisco to find the knowledge of the necessary skills and have to market a business.

After sufficient research and studying, Jakob came up with an online education program targeted to help local businesses find affordable and easy solutions to run a digital marketing campaign. In order to help small businesses run their marketing campaigns in the digital space, Jakob Hager has included everything that is required for managing Facebook, Instagram, Google, and other marketing campaigns.

Jakob Hager took into consideration the soaring demand for performance marketing and the pressure on experts to introduce an online education program related to Campaign Management. Which is why he created his own online education program from scratch. He has also written a book to help businesses attract new customers using unique strategies.

Jakob Hager has till now introduced his online education program in an attempt to guide both small businesses and individuals on how to run their online marketing campaigns in an easy manner. It is currently available in the German language, meaning people living in areas of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland can easily access and benefit from this guideline. It is deliberately designed in a curriculum to assist in teaching every participant all the skills needed to manage Facebook, Instagram, and other marketing campaigns.

Jakob is also in the process of planning to make the program available and translated into English to help other people learn the schemes of managing online marketing campaigns. 

In both the education program and his book, Jakob shares a lot of his wisdom and expertise on the subject matter, while intricately guiding readers and business enthusiasts through the process of exploring the online avenues of marketing to the best of its possibilities. So far, the response to his work has been overwhelmingly positive, with businesses and individuals reporting not just satisfaction and growth in their revamped approach, but also a certain peace and satiation knowing what the closest certain outcome of their efforts will be.

Jakob Hager is an Austrian citizen who was born in Vienna. He has spent considerable time in his life in Moscow, San Francisco, and is now placed in Dubai since 2017, where he is working to have his online education program translated to English and made universally available.

Instagram: https://instagram.com/jakobhag?igshid=1gxxxpi8jmg7x 
Website: https://www.jakobhager.com/ 

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