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I had written noted today that some of the largest threats against higher rates of adoption in our industry for rare and premium domain names would include:

1) The negative impact from Facebook in stimulating platform use over dedicated website use, as an alternative pathway for business participation online. However it comes at some cost, whether that be maximizing organic positioning advantages, or in subjecting businesses to a platform that is oddly inefficient given the billions of dollars stripped away from it over the years. Wow do we deserve more innovation from our “billionaire” class.

2) Amazon on its monopoly tear, anti-competitive positioning, and encouragement of single-platform ecommerce integration. Only Bezos can reduce benefits and slash affiliate programs to the core (during COVID no less), while generating billions daily in personal income, as he builds secret bases disguised as clock towers in the side of mountains. Tackling homelessness may be “beneath him”, but anti-trust work that saw his beginnings come as Google shut off all bids on billions of longtail keyword strings for years, and then dumped them in mass into the Amazon creation, still needs to be investigated.

3) And of course Google, for perverting search engine rankings in favor of forced pay-per-click adoption, diminishing the total market capacity for intelligent SEM/SEO strategies to create a better Internet, and being one of the worst run organizations on the planet, if you compare who they are with what they could become. As well as the thousands of project tombstones they left behind to preserve their market share. Someday get a stock program that lets you see the total amount in share sale strategies stripped out of the world by a handful of individuals, and then ask yourself if we got a good deal for the trillions they have hoarded. Only Google could make ten million people call their friends, and ask them to remove old hyperlinks to their favorite fishing resort, because it reflected badly on their numerical projections for keyword ranking. Then we wonder why a handful of monopolies are ruling the world.

The encouragement of stand alone apps without any correlated web basis would have been in the top 5 likely, but at the risk of user marginalization that would be countered by smarter web engagements as a universal strategy. I’d be also remiss to not mention Apple’s famous recent quote that got them in hot water, being the proclamation of the “death of the desktop”. One of the greatest gifts of this generation is in being able to program and allow for widescreen convergence online, incorporating larger monitors with amazing resource applications that can drive new worlds. Instead we are left with a half dozen organizations that push attention spans into 3″ x 5″ read out panels, while billions of dollars in PPC fraud slide through with zero notice or warranted attention.

Good luck with that.

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