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Classical pianist Anita Hoekstra is broadcasting her skills onto an online platform to entertain an audience. As part of the University of the Third Age’s virtual program, Mrs Hoekstra will play a range of classical piano pieces from her home’s grand piano and stream it to YouTube on Tuesday, September 15. The pre-recorded recital will feature works of Schubert, Liste, Brahms, a couple pieces from young Melbourne composer Kenji Fujimura and more. “I’ve been performing in warrnambool for quite a while,” Mrs Hoekstra said. “Earlier this year we had to cancel our concerts because of the pandemic and we played our last on in February. “Since then I’ve done a few performances for the Anglican Church and I thought I’d take the idea and see if the University of the Third Age would be interested. Usually they have speakers but I thought this would be a nice change. “It’s not the same as performing but it’s better than nothing.” Good news story? Let us know! Mrs Hoekstra was inspired to take her music online after tuning in to a number of different virtual concerts performed in Melbourne and across the world. Having spent her whole life learning and performing music, Mrs Hoekstra believes songs can bring people together. “My husband and I buy a concert once a week and we can watch it with a glass of wine and have a lovely night,” she said. “I’m a music teacher myself and I teach online. My children are missing their friends and it’s the same as adults. I’m into keeping the motivation going and music can be a way to do that. “I do concerts with my family who live all over the world and they play cellos and violins. We still get nervous but it gives us a nice outlet.” Mrs Hoekstra’s performance will be broadcast on YouTube at 2pm on Tuesday and the University of the Third Age will share the link. Click here to join our private group for The Standard subscribers to connect with each other and our reporters about what’s making news in the region. The University of the Third Age is always inviting new members to their program and their October tutorial will feature Sophie Couchman discussing Chinese in Australia and Warrnambool and Deakin University’s Hycel Project presentation in November. A range of speakers will discuss Australia’s ground-breaking Hycel facility for testing, manufacturing, optimising and training in new hydrogen technologies located at Deakin University’s Warrnambool campus. To find out more about the University of the Third Age head to u3awarrnambool.org.au and contact Peter Dexter on 0417 431 277. Listen to the latest episode of our weekly episode The Booletin and Beyond: Have you signed up to The Standard’s daily newsletter and breaking news emails? You can register below and make sure you are up to date with everything that’s happening in the south-west.


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