BEB Delhi Organizes Webinar on Employment Opportunities during Covid-19 Crisis

September 10, 2020, New Delhi: The global recession, induced by COVID-19, will fundamentally change the way humanity works, and socializes, for years to come. Every industry will be forced to reform and restructure in order to transform into the new realities that will emerge. Embracing the reformation and restructure of Industry, students need to be prepared for every situation. In the context of preparedness, BEB (Business & Employment Bureau) Delhi supported by Hamdard National Foundation (HECA) and The Policy Times organized a Webinar on Employment opportunities during Covid-19 Crisis during 4:00-5:30 pm on Thursday 10th September, 2020.

The chief guest for the show was Prof. Najma Akhtar, Vice-chancellor, Jamia Milia Islamia, the guests of honour were Mr. Hamid Ahmed, CEO, Hamdard Laboratories India, and Prof. Shamim Ahmed, Former Vice-Chancellor Jamia Hamdard, Mr. Feroz Khan, Partner & Head Digital Advisory, KPMG, and Mr. Arindam Lahiri, CEO, Automotive Skill Development Council, Mr. Shaukat Mufti, Executive Secretary, Business & Employment Bureau, Dr. Rihan Khan Suri, TPO, University Placement Cell, Jamia Milia Islamia, Mr. Fayaz Ahmed Thonse, Founder & CEO, Meritude Skill Development Pvt Ltd, Mr. Abhishek Chola, MD, Just Rojgar Solution Pvt. Ltd. The webinar was moderated by Mr. Akram Hoque, Founder Editor, The Policy Times.

In his welcome remarks Mr. Shaukat Mufti welcomed the chief guest and all our guest of honours and the school principals. In his welcome remarks, Mr. Hamid Ahmed stated, “There are many jobs opened during the covid, the thing is, we have to adopt the changing environments. In the dairy industry the ice cream market jobs are disappeared during the covid. The dairy industry has gone up again and there are many jobs in the dairy sector. Besides, a lot of jobs opened in NGOs, so students who have completed their graduation can seek jobs in various NGOs. The employment bureau has been holding various job interviews for students with potential companies that they can come together and they can get placement. My suggestions to all students would be that they should get up even if the job is not their first preference; they should hard work and ultimately they would reach their objectives”.


 The chief guest for the show Prof. Najma Akhtar focused into industry information on job demand sectors. She said, “The fresh graduates have to foresee their opportunities in the new normal and they should adopt a better communication skill. Emotional Intelligence is very much needed to include as a subject to deal with the post covid-19 changes. Teaching online is becoming very hectic and those teachers, who are not very confident about their skills, they can always go for training without having hesitation. Industries such as pharmaceutical, BioTech, medical suppliers, equipment manufacturers, and education technology will be job demanding sectors, so we have to be ready. Student should know about educational technology as it is very much needed at this time”.

After her speech Mr. Hamid Ahmed announced the Rs.3 crore scholarship for 12th passed students. The scholarship is opened for all categories students.

Prof. Shamim Ahmed spoke on job opportunities during and post covid. He said, ““At this situation the best thing we can do is ‘avoid’ the current situation and try to get used to it. In the case of human resource job those are affected badly. If we can put intelligence machine into intelligence system operation then perhaps the human resource can be taken care of. Concerning this situation, we have to re-learn because it is human nature and this is how revolution has taken place; and we have to adopt the revolutionary way of learning.

Mr. Arindam Lahiri focused on automotive skill development; he said, “There are lot of areas to work on the automotive industry, I will focus into some of the areas where there is an opportunity. Mainly this is a manufacturing industry, so in this industry the R&D sector offering a lot of opportunity. To apply in that position students have to have a diploma in engineering or ITI degree. We are also provide shot term training, after the training you can work as a trainee in the industry and you can start your journey from that. The other side there is also opportunity in service which comes through with dealership. This opportunity is available for both rural and urban area. Over all of this learning is very important part of this industry”.

In the context of Mr. Lahiri’s speech, Dr. Rihan Khan Suri also focused on skill development in automobile industry. He added, “We need to think about how to prepare the students for job. There are two types of job which are going to change, one is highly skilled job and the second is one which you need to do physically. In manufacturing sector, there is high demand of jobs in associate level. Secondly students have to set their goals in which way they want to work or in which sector they want to work. Besides, they also have to find out that on what skills they want to develop. Adding more to that, students have to be prepared with their professional computer skills which are very important at this time”.

Speaking on skill and knowledge that students need at this time,Mr. Feroz Khan shared some valuable points to the  students. He said, “Students need to make sure that we are becoming globalized and they need to learn how to collaborate with each other and how to connect with each other. Students should be skilled and knowledgeable enough to do their job properly; they should adopt millennial thinking. There are different digital technologies those changing the way of working, and students should aware of all technologies if they want to survive in the changing world. Because those technologies are going to change the entire ecosystem of working”.

Mr. Abhishek Chola begins b saying, ‘There are many jobs available in manufacturing and production after covid. I want to request all the students and job seekers to visit our job portal and there they can find suitable jobs according to their qualification. Recently we have developed a application ‘justlearn’, which is available for android version. From the last 4-5 years we have been providing knowledge and skills that are require for the students for their career growth with free of cost. This app is directly connected with the manufacturing employer”.

At the end of the show there was a question & round for the students, and the speakers answered all the questions of the students for their clarification.

The other eminent school principals who joined our show including, Mr. Anjani Kumar Srivastava, Manager, Sarojini Convent School, Ms. Neelam Sharma, Akal Academy Mander, Ms. Kamakshi, Jolly Head of School, GGSSS, Badarpur, Dr. Waseem Ahemed, Angelo Arabic Sr. Secondary school, Dr. Dharam Singh, GGSSS, Mr. Victor Dawson, Prayagraj, UP, Mrs. Harpreet Kaur, Ms. Mary Jyotsna Minj, GGSSS, Kondli, Mr. Ghyoor Ahmed, SKV No-1, Urdu Medium, Ms. Asha, Vice-principal, SKV No-1 (Hindi medium), Mr. Hari Ram Singh, Gov. Sarvodaya Bal Vidyalaya, Mr. Sunil Kumar Srivastava, SBV, Paharganj, Ms. Sandhya Singh, GGSSS, Mayur Bihar Phase 3.


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BEB Delhi Organizes Webinar on Employment Opportunities during Covid-19 Crisis


Embracing the reformation and restructure of Industry, students need to be prepared for every situation. In the context of preparedness, BEB (Business & Employment Bureau) Delhi supported by Hamdard National Foundation (HECA) and The Policy Times organized a Webinar on Employment opportunities during Covid-19 Crisis.


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