WATCH Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion BTS Wap YouTube Video

Have you ever found yourself lost in thought as to how they got the “hoes” in the proverbial “house” for the WAP video? If so, you’re in luck. On Wednesday, September 9, Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion dropped “Inside the WAP” (Part 1) a compilation of behind the scene moments of the making of the WAP video on YouTube. The nine-minute video is dedicated to the rehearsal footage and filming of the seminal, unforgettable video for Cardi and Megan’s chart-topping banger WAP, revealing how they put it all together in LA just 5 days before the city was shutdown due to coronavirus. Highlights include but are not limited to Cardi B, wearing a truly stunning neon corset during a dance rehearsal, complaining that she was having some “troublesome” in her chest region. Megan needing to take shots before handling an honest-to-God Albino Burmese Python (for the record Megan was more afraid of the “big ass snakes” than Cardi). Cardi B singing “motivation” to the tune of “there’s some whores in this house” to support Normani’s fierce 8 count. Take a deep breath and dive “Inside The Wap (Part 1).”

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