Young filmmakers premiere zoom short film on YouTube

Participant Alex

YOUNG FILMMAKERS aged 16-19yrs premiered their innovative short film, created and produced remotely during lockdown, to friends, family & funders last week with fantastic reactions.

Made as part of the Get Digital youth project from Signal Film and Media, these predominantly first-time filmmakers co-hosted an online Zoom session with invited family members from around the world before watching their final work via YouTube.

‘Delivered’ was a short film created over Zoom by the group of 10 aspiring filmmakers based in and around Barrow-in-Furness and mentored by professional filmmakers Karen Bird and Adam Pickford, who taught skills needed by the group remotely, along with a host of visiting artists and directors. The story follows a group of teens who each receive a uniquely mysterious package in the post only for the outcome & resolution to have a darker twist.

Participant Alex who both acted in and directed another scene had some explaining to do at home afterwards: “I thought it was really good, it really impressed me the opening montage was so good, I just had a smile on my face the whole time. My dad thought I was actually shouting at my sister when I was filming, so what I was doing finally made sense to him!”

Participants met weekly over Zoom throughout lockdown to collaborate on the very first film from Signal to be created remotely/virtually, using only the digital technologies and props the filmmakers had to hand. They each acted in a performance role in their co-created story and took on a specific crew role on the shoot, with some directing the performances of their peers, some working on the script and dialogue and others doing the editing and sound design in post-production.

“I’m really impressed that we managed to do this in a time when we couldn’t interact with each other properly.” Erin P, Get Digital participant

“I’m crying because my friends just sent me a load of messages saying I should be so proud. I really loved it,
seeing it all edited together.” Leigh-Ann , Get Digital participant

Selection of the reactions from participant family members: “As a parent, I want to thank you all for the incredible support and opportunity that you have given these talented
young filmmakers!”

“To sum up… Just stunning! So Slick and polished! Really Enjoyed it. Such a talented team!!! Massive Well

“Thank you so much from the USA. Brilliant to be able to see this.”

‘Delivered’ can now be viewed online on Signal’s YouTube channel and as part of the Get Digital page
on the Signal Film and Media website for public viewing in addition to being entered into film festivals
around the world.

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