Top Healthcare Marketing tips 2020

The Internet has made rapid inroads into our social and personal lives. It has changed a lot, be it the fashion sense, eating habits, social relations, or the way we interact. The same goes for businesses. With the Internet in their arsenal, businesses and industries have gone ahead swiftly when it comes to audience targeting, customer interaction or brand marketing. In this blog, we will discuss the strategies that will come handy in healthcare marketing. Here, our focus will be on the digital domain of marketing that includes social media strategies, content marketing, video ads, and much more. 

  1. Be Consistent but Different from the Crowd 

If you look from the outside, every healthcare brand seems almost similar in their ads. Take your time and try to figure out your patient’s pain points and market-specific to that. Being explicit about what to take on in a marketing campaign is the first step to success. 

While formalizing the marketing strategies include small details like how different is your way of treating patients, 360° holistic care, personalized approach, and so on. Focusing on things that are unique to your business, and being consistent about it will have a lasting impression on patients. Additionally, reassess your efforts periodically to realign the whole setup. 

  1. Leverage Paid Search Ads

As per research, 80% use search engines as their first resort when it comes to seeking health information. Looking at the vast opportunity, including pay-per-click (PPC) ads for advanced targeting can be a critical strategy for your marketing efforts.

In general, people search for doctors or dispensaries in and around their locality, i.e. 5-to-7 miles from their home. PPC ads can be morphed to such a micro-level for targeting specific patients. Although it will be a bit costly, PPC can yield a higher return on investment compared to display ads.

Again, the most important task is to analyze and keep track of the data and insights regularly. Tweak your campaign, if necessary, to optimize the result. This will realign your campaign and make sure that your keywords are hitting the targeted audience. 

  1. Strategize Social Media Campaigns

Do you know that almost 70% of the internet users spend over 2 hours on social sites daily? Additionally, 40% of users agreed that social media impacts their healthcare choices. Healthcare being a serious business, marketers are reluctant to induce social media when it comes to promoting medical products & services. 

Unlike the general perception, social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube make it easy to engage a vast number of the audience even for the healthcare industry. Compared to any other form of content, creating social content is relatively easy. On top of that, there are several online video editors and advertisement makers that can aid you in making compelling social posts in almost no time.  

  1. Add Value to Viewers & How You Can Help

Marketing strategies often focus on the achievements of the firms like technologies they use, past results, partnerships, and future goals. However, amid all this, they foresee the most crucial aspect, i.e. how the patients will be benefited from all this.

Medical firms are actually in a position to help their customers, unlike other industries using marketing for enhancing brand awareness. With technologies like IoT, chatbots, wearable devices, healthcare firms can act as the first line of support in case of emergency. It will also help them in forging a deeper connection with patients. 

  1. Ask for Reviews

Reviews are like word of mouth in today’s digital era. According to research, more than 80% of internet users trust online reviews similar to personal recommendations. User-generated content, be it reviews, social posts, or feedback, plays a vital role in getting referrals. Ask for your past patients for reviews, and all you need to do is to give adequate space to it on your website and social sites. 

Again, whenever you receive a review, either negative and positive, be quick to respond to it. Be polite in your responses, whether the reviewer is reasonable or not. Despite getting a negative review, addressing their issue will provide a second chance to win them back and will also set an example for other visitors. 

  1. Include Mobile in Your Campaign 

More than 60% of people use the Internet from their mobile device. Most of the search engines and apps are now working on mobile-friendly interfaces. Google has also announced recently that it will focus on mobile versions of sites to rank and index them. Designing your campaigns, keeping mobile in focus can help you in staying ahead of the competition. 

Also, you can go for mobile apps for your business. However, you are suggested to do so if your business is established and gaining enough revenue. Mobile apps can help you in setting up a one-to-one connection with patients. 

  1. Video marketing

Going ahead from here, 5G mobile connectivity will be a mainstream technology. And along with it, 5G will bring a fresh wave of video consumption. Anyhow, videos are one of the most shared and consumed forms of content over the Internet and social sites. 

Healthcare marketers can leverage the technology, i.e. 5G, to gain traction generated by videos. Even on social sites, videos have more shares than text and images based posts combined. While making videos for your campaigns, try to focus on things like:

  • Intro of the video
  • Call to action
  • Eye-catching title
  • Start with a hook
  • Music of the video

Although there are a lot of other things to consider for videos, these are the most important ones. If you are new to videos, you can leverage online editors and intro makers to make breathtaking videos to mesmerize your viewer and have a lasting impression.   


Although there is nail-biting competition when it comes to healthcare marketing, the digital marketing horizon of it is still evolving, and there is a lot to explore. You can combine the technique discussed above to stand ahead of the masses. Try a 360 approach with a pinch of creativity to get the best out of the healthcare marketing plan.

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