Thomas Herd Establishes The First Scientific System Of Digital Marketing –

There is great news coming to traditional brands poised to make the leap to Digital retail.

As a result of a collection of scientific breakthroughs led by Forbes Magazine’s digital marketing specialist Thomas Herd, new risk free business models for guaranteed press coverage, authentic social media growth, and customer acquisition scaling have been developed that are now available to brands at T1.

Specifically, Herd has developed a methodology- which he outlines in detail on his Forbes column of establishing brands as unquestionable, unanimously validated industry leaders and then leveraging their new and objective industry leader status into record market share and the highest and most predictable ROI for the indefinite long term future.

Due to the massive success of this system with up and coming industry leaders such as MeUndies, KOIO, Touch Dolls, One Sotheby’s, Pink Lotus Elements, etc. as well as its scientific soundness, industry experts from all sides are hailing Herd’s business model as the first real attempt at a Unified Scientific Theory Of Digital Marketing.

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