Build Your Perfect Personal Brand And Make It a Success

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A brand represents the aspect that allows others to identify a person. As the area of marketing has advanced, personal brand has become increasingly important in the digital environment. In a field as wide as the Internet and its various platforms, to figure, position and maintain represents a challenge for any business.

People like Andrea Bosetti have always been aware of this. Even more so when experience in this field has been a permanent part of his life. Since his youth, he has been linked to various areas of public relations; initially managing events in discotheques, every week.

After graduating from college as a specialist in economics and commerce, the passion for marketing would not have diminished, so he decided to take it further, starting to take the first steps towards entrepreneurship. His first experience as an entrepreneur was through Coverstore, a chain of stores whose financial beginnings were €9,000. Three years later, with more than 100 branches, the company managed to exceed the turnover of €12,000.

Bosetti served as founder and marketing director until the company was sold in 2018. But this experience only fed his desire to grow and he became part of AGL ASTE IMMOBILIARI, a real estate company that thanks to his skills have achieved exponential growth, reflected in its path of continued progress.

Being aware of his experience, Bosetti decided to put all his attention and dedication to marketing and to lead other companies to reach their highest potential. This is where Marketing Digital Mind was born, an academy specialized in marketing courses and consulting, which currently brings together more than 700 trained companies.

All this progress made Bosetti understand a fundamental aspect—the development of his personal brand would be what would lead him to transmit the knowledge, experience and achievements that he has acquired through his path in marketing.

An accurate image

Bosetti points out that from the beginning he has tried to convey a specific image of himself. He emphasizes that all his trajectory has been key to advance in his purposes, but it has been to be focused in his personal brand what has given him the real value in social media and has allowed him to position himself where he wanted to be.

He assures that a personal brand goes beyond advertising or promotion. It’s about reflecting not only the skills and qualities that make a difference but the elements that, in your area, make you stand out and that’s what you can bring to others.

Accuracy as part of the process          

This social media trainer points out that precision in building and developing a personal brand is elementary. It is important to define what you want to transmit, to whom, and in what way. These are the aspects that will allow you to make use of the necessary resources to fulfil your purposes and to be able to position yourself adequately according to Bosetti’s experience.

Transmit confidence

For Bosetti, since he started building and developing his personal brand, the goal has been the same: trust. He assures that the attention for his personal marketing has not diminished at any moment of his trajectory. For him, it is not only a matter of increasing the number of followers but of converting them into potential clients, who see the contribution that he can provide from his experience.

A personal brand is not only about generating a commercial focus, it is about generating an emotion, empathy, that people in social media, who we could also consider a brand, feel identified with your process, with your content, and with your contributions.

Despite his successful career and achievements so far, Bosetti considers that his path has just begun. He assures that both he and his brand will continue to grow and offer growth possibilities to people and companies that want to transform their mentality and their way of communicating.

Beyond a consultant, he sees himself as an entrepreneur, who shares his experience in digital marketing with others so that they also have the possibility of boosting their business level from the digital. 

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