Success in Digital Marketing with Digital Marketing Expert Omkar Nath Nandi – Press Release

“11 years experience in Digital Marketing, SEO, SMO, PPC, Content Marketing. Online Course Creation & Marketing Expert.”

For success in digital business you must have the best digital marketing expert with your business. In the current situation for industry and businesses, taking correct steps to spread wings in the digital domain has become more critical. Businesses need a person with all-round knowledge and Mr Omkar Nath Nandi can help you grow in the digital sphere. He brings the strategy and analysis for a business that will bring success even in covid19 and lockdown affected economic conditions.

As an entrepreneur, Mr Omkar Nath Nandi believed in creating an impact by bringing change in others life. He did it successfully for more than 500 businesses. Now working for corporates, he is taking up challenges and bringing futuristic solutions that are increasing productivity.

If we talk about his writing, we can see more than One Million words written by him in thousands of his articles. We also see him getting more than One Million organic views every year in his writing. It proves the capability of a leading digital marketeer.

Starting from managing Google Ads of Rs 50-100 Million to Auditing Google ads accounts of Billions of dollars transactions, he is one the best industry have now.

The achievements of Mr Omkar Nath Nandi in one decade is astounding and astonishing in many ways in the digital sphere. Where he not only achieved name and fame as a digital marketeer but also trained thousands of students who benefitted by his world-class digital marketing training.

Mr Omkar is one of the leading Udemy teachers with nearly 50,000 students already enrolled in his courses. With the rising challenges in digital marketing, he innovated in a vast way to train and build future digital marketer.

He was a Guest Faculty at one of the most renowned institutes of the world IIT, Kharagpur, IIM, Calcutta. He consulted many leading businesses and entrepreneur to bring a positive return and growth from their investment in digital marketing.

As the E-Learning industry is growing tremendously and poised to achieve more than $350 Billion markets in the next five years industry now need people who know the subject. Superficial knowledge or half baked information is harmful all must understand that. Here Mr Omkar Nath Nandi brings immense benefits for investors, entrepreneurs, businesses, corporates who need a person with agency experience and an end to end knowledge to deliver on the requirements of digital marketing.

Digital Marketing is no more a story to read; it’s instead a massive thing that needs analysis, planning and proper strategy. To play this game, you need experts who have in-depth experience with capability to drive business himself and Mr Omkar Nath Nandi is one of the few experts in today’s time who can bring success for your business single-handedly.

With immense knowledge on managing a team for Google, Facebook, Bing Paid Advertisements he also brings in his talent to show the result in SEO as well. The time is changing with digital, and every business needs to make a decision where they stand in the next five years.

Here we would like to inform for success in digital business you must have the best people for your business. In the current situation for industry and businesses, taking correct steps to spread wings in digital has become more critical. Such people like Mr Omkar, who not only don’t need to depend on others; he also bring strategy for a business that will bring success for them even in covid19 and lockdown affected economic condition.

Students should not miss the opportunity to get trained from one of the best digital marketing experts of the world and join his training and mentoring programs to become future digital marketing experts.

Few Highlighting Achievements of Mr Omkar Nath Nandi:

1. Generated 10 Million Google ad impression in one month.
2. Generated 500 thousand Google ad-based search traffic in a month.
3. Audited ad account with spending in Billions.
4. He managed Millions of Rupees worth ads every year.
5. Helped businesses grow and build capacity.  
6. Managed team for Google Search SEO, Google Ad and other complete digital marketing delivery.
7. He made created his digital marketing agency and ran it for one decade.
8. He has millions of minutes of views in his youtube channels.
9. He has more than 50,000 students in Udemy.
10. A famous Quora Writer where he has more than 3 Million views in writing.
11. To bring integrated and productive digital marketing, worked for hundreds for businesses with success.
12. If you are planning to start your E-Learning website, get end to end solution for the execution and implementation of the complete portal with success.

Media Contact
Company Name: Extensive Ideas Academy
Contact Person: Mr. Omkar Nath Nandi
Email: Send Email
Phone: +91-7890002020
Address:Electronic City, Phase 1
City: Bengaluru
State: Karnataka
Country: India

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