Why doesn’t the Ohio Senate want to measure whether remote learning is working? This Week in the CLE

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Why does the Ohio Senate not want to measure what students are learning while they’re in online school?

We’re talking about a move to stop school testing and report cards that would give Ohioans an idea of what kids are learning during the pandemic.

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Editor Chris Quinn hosts our daily half-hour coronavirus news podcast, with editors Jane Kahoun, Kris Wernowsky and me, answering all sorts of questions from the news.

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Here are the questions we’re answering today:

Should people with hyphenated names be worried about whether they can vote in November? Because of an obscure state data-entry policy, they may face an additional paperwork hurdle when registering to vote.

Everyone has lots of questions about the quality of education students are getting when they are learning from home, so why is the Ohio Senate looking to stop school testing and report cards that would give us an idea of whether remote learning works? The bill would give districts breathing room to figure out just how much of a dent the coronavirus pandemic made in student progress.

How many cases have we had of late in which someone kills a family member than then him or herself, and are the cases similar? At least four. And there are some similarities among intimate partner homicides and murder-suicides. Experts say men carry out most killings, many men have a history of domestic violence and in many cases the killer may have an underlying mental illness.

How many cities in America saw bigger hits to their economies by the coronavirus that Cleveland did? Three. A Cleveland State University study found that of the 40 largest metro areas, only New York, Las Vegas and Boston have done worse in terms of job losses than Cleveland’s 12% decline from July 2019 to July 2020.

Why is Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose telling the Ohio Supreme Court that Kanye West’s presidential bid does not belong on the Ohio ballot? LaRose argued that Kanye West’s petitions to run for president had “fatal” defects and that he had the power to reject them.

It’s getting national attention, so we might as well talk about it. What did a Cleveland artist use as his unusual medium for a portrait of President Donald Trump? Artist Stephen Manka has created a portrait of President Donald Trump using 2,020 metal sex toys.

Will the flu vaccine provide any protection at all against the coronavirus? The flu vaccine does not prevent COVID-19. But a new study suggests that getting a flu shot may make COVID-19 less lethal.

Will Gov. Mike DeWine sign the just-passed bills that would limit his power during pandemics and limit coronavirus lawsuits against businesses? DeWine has vetoed similar power-limiting bills, though he declined to specifically comment on the bill that would prevent public officials from issuing orders to modify Ohio’s election plan or close houses of worship. No word on Wednesday’s bill that supporters say will help businesses stay open without fear of lawsuits.

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