VMRay Signs Technology Partnership With Anomali

VMRay, a provider of automated malware analysis and detection solutions, announced a free-of-charge offering to all Anomali ThreatStream customers. The offering brings VMRay’s flagship malware analysis solution, VMRay Analyzer, to Anomali ThreatStream, allowing a fast and seamless way to operationalize threat intelligence. The free-of-charge VMRay Analyzer offering is available to Anomali ThreatStream customers today, via the Anomali Preferred Partner Store.

VMRay’s automated malware analysis solution offers unparalleled evasion resistance, noise-free reporting, and scalability to handle ever-increasing threat volumes, providing security teams with the ability to quickly and comprehensively analyze and detect advanced and evasive malware threats.

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“Enterprise security teams are struggling to detect and respond to the latest advanced malware threats, which can easily evade first-generation signature-based detection solutions,” said John Callon, Vice President of Product and Partner Marketing for Anomali. “Joint customers that take advantage of the ability to conduct in-depth, real-time behavioral malware analysis within Anomali ThreatStream, via VMRay, will accelerate their ability to detect and respond to adaptive threats.”

The offering will provide Anomali customers with some of the following benefits:

  • Operationalized Threat Intelligence: With VMRay Analyzer accessible directly from inside the Anomali ThreatStream platform, joint customers will be able to respond to new malware threats with precise, relevant and actionable threat intelligence
  • Reduce Attacker Dwell Time: Security analysts will be able to minimize attacker dwell time by using the combined solution to clearly distinguish between misleading artifacts and actionable IOCs.
  • Accelerated & Prioritized Incident Response: VMRay’s intuitive and powerful VTI scoring system accelerates the response cycle by providing clear answers to security analysts, enabling them to take fast remediation steps and prevent future attacks.

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“We are tremendously excited about this partnership with one of the most innovative cybersecurity vendors in the market today and are likewise excited to see how their customers will leverage this joint solution to improve their threat response,” said Zac Kenney, Channel Sales Manager for VMRay. “This partnership with Anomali represents an important next step in our overarching channel strategy. We are confident that partnerships with leading vendors like Anomali will enable us to greatly expand our market footprint in the years to come.”

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