Larne brothers’ YouTube channel an online hit

Dylan, Connor and younger brother Riley.

Dylan (24) and 17-year-old Connor Kleyn set up ‘Kleyn Bros’ on the video-sharing site earlier this year.

Among the channel’s offering are a number of challenges starring the Craigyhill duo, from eating the UK’s hottest chocolate to armpit waxing.

Clips of pranks and stunts have also proved popular with fans, with the most recent upload seeing the siblings attempt a mile-long jog while duct-taped together.

Dylan and Connor’s mum, Maria said: “Both my boys have such a close bond with each other, although they are like chalk and cheese with appearance and personality.

“The idea of the channel began when Connor asked Dylan to start one, and shortly after they gave it a go doing numerous different videos, including funny challenges such as eating the world’s stinkiest fish!

“Their videos began to attract quite a bit of attention locally and the boys were overwhelmed with the support.”

In a gesture of gratitude to their subscribers, the Kleyns organised a free giveaway of T-shirts branded with the channel’s logo to their young fans.

“The boys purchased the T-shirts themselves as a thank you for the support they have received from fans,” Maria added.

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