Law Firm Marketing New Ways Amid COVID

Qamar Zaman

Qamar Zaman is a published author, Forbes Agency Council and Best Rated SEO Expert for Law Firms. Qamar’s Story system is designed to provide maximum branding and intent-based SEO services for all clients. There’s zero blackhat strategy, link spamming and keyword stuffing

New York City, NY, Aug. 29, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Gone are the days of simple lawyer marketing. Old school law firm marketing needs to pivot says a veteran lawyer marketing expert Rene Perras President of CEPAC Lawer Marketing.

If your law firm website does not pass many critical factors to growth, your law firm will be left behind in the dust of digital marketing.

Lawyer Marketing Has Changed Post COVID.

Your target audience now spends mobile searches. These people do a Google search or discuss their
tragedy on social media like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

The majority of younger people stay on Instagram and they prefer to text instead of talk. Put all those together, lawyer marketing strategies have changed and will continue to evolve as we consume content at a fast pace. But, what is your law firm doing to embrace:

If you are a lawyer looking to grow your brand online Post COVID Marketing for Law Firms, you need to change how to position your law firm branding. 

In a recent test that I ran for a local law firm using Facebook Ads for my agency client, I secured quality cases for a divorce lawyer utilizing Facebook ad campaigns. The average cost of lead was $1.07 per lead and the average acquisition cost of the case was $97, which resulted in a $10K per case. 

If you are a law firm needing legal funding, you can see a great resource here.

You can read my Facebook ad blueprint here.

About Qamar Zaman – I help lawyers not getting quality cases with my scientific & predictable marketing plan to secure “High VALUE” cases. 
Qamar Zaman is a published author annd rated best Dallas SEO expert for law firms. He managed KISS PR and works with over 100+ SEO agencies helping them get secure high value leads that convert using a 100% white label SEO for law firms. Call and speak with Qamar Zaman on how your law firm can build a blue ocean marketing plan amid COVID-19 with a long term plan. 


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