The Top 5 B2B Marketing Strategies for More Leads by Digital Silk

Despite market volatility due to the global crisis, B2B brands have increased their spending on marketing from 8.1% in February to 11.3% in June of their overall revenue.

Digital Silk, a global digital agency, shared the types of marketing strategies that provide the best ROI for B2B businesses in their marketing investments.

A prerequisite to the top strategies is to have a well-designed, optimized website. It is an essential element of the strategies and without that, B2B digital marketing efforts go to waste.

The top five B2B marketing strategies are:

1. Content Marketing

  • Content Marketing works at any stage of the conversion funnel, educates and guides customers and is very flexible.

2. PPC Advertising

  • PPC advertising executed correctly allows for narrow targeting, is cost-effective and can be easily scaled.

3. Video Marketing

  • Video is great for engagement, versatile and the easiest way for prospects to get information.

4. Social Media Marketing

  • Social media is an easy way to get exposure, gives a brand personality and is great for sharing content.

5. Email Marketing & Automation

  • Email marketing is universal, has almost endless personalization possibilities and offers very high ROI relative to other channels.

Having a thorough understanding of business goals and target audiences, combined with these marketing strategies, enables businesses to boost their demand generation, lead generation and customer retention.

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