Keeping work secure at home takes comprehensive cybersecurity effort

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, network traffic in Michigan has seen a drastic increase as businesses across all industries made the move to remote work. As these businesses build out their teleworking capabilities — some from the ground up — cybercriminals have not stayed quiet.

This is the best environment for these bad actors — employees are working from home, their children are learning from home, and it’s never been easier to simply purchase malicious software on the internet and attack. The more time that people spend online working on their home networks, the more susceptible they are to engineered cyberattack threats. Simultaneously, IT teams lack visibility into employee activities and network threats.

Now, every organization is at greater risk. In fact, a large county government and a public school system in West Michigan experienced substantial DDoS attacks that would have been crippling had they not quickly implemented cybersecurity tools.

The reality is, as employees continue to function remotely, no business is immune from cyberattacks. In fact, two-thirds of small businesses alone have experienced some form of breach attempt. It takes good cybersecurity technology and practices to prevent malicious attacks or, worse, lasting damage.

Here are three tips to help your business stay secure:

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