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BHOPAL: Heavy rain and winds in the city caused network issues disrupting telephone lines and causing network issues that hampered work and online classes for many in the state capital.
The slow internet connection and network issues on Friday and Saturday gave denizens a hard time as they struggled to complete their work.
“My wife and I are working from home, so we got a broadband connection. But due to heavy rains of Friday, even the broadband went slow and we had to ask our bosses to wait for the assignments as they were taking forever to upload on to the mail,” said Akash Thakur, an engineer, a resident of BHEL.
“I am a freelancer content writer and all my work is based on research. I had to submit two copies to my client, but because of poor network, I could not file them on time on Friday. I requested for a day’s extension, but the heavy rains continued on Saturday, delaying the assignment further. I had to work on Sunday to ensure the assignment was complete,” said Radhika Sharma, a resident of Katara Hills.
Because of the network issues, online classes for students also suffered as both teachers and students faced problems.
“I went online for my class but the network issue disrupted the whole session and even students were not able to log in due connectivity problems. Ultimately, I gave up, and asked the school principal to schedule my class later because students were not able to understand a word I said,” said Jaya Sureshan, an English teacher residing at Ayodhya Bypass.
Call drop was another problem that people faced during heavy rains.
“It was very difficult to make calls as most of the time I heard the recorded message that the number I was trying to reach as out of network coverage area, even when I knew that the person was at home. If in case the call got connected, it got call drop was an issue. Most of the telecom operators got the issue fixed and network connectivity was restored on Sunday,” said Rishi Mishra, a private employee at Katara Hills.

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