The Inspiring Story Of Promo Expertz CEO Gaurav Rana – The Digital Marketing Maverick

Social media has
emerged as a savior for every human who is today confined inside the four walls
of his house & digital marketing is the most significant arm of this social
media because it drives the economy with it while supplying the society with the
hope for a better future in a post-COVID-19 world. In this scenario, the
experts of digital marketing, like PROMO expertz CEO & Founder Gaurav Rana,
are the ones who are driving this industry. This young digital entrepreneur was
studying in 11th standard when he started showing keen interest in
social media. Quite naturally, his parents were worried about his education but
once he convinced them that he was following his passion, they became his
ardent supporters. It is due to his passion and his family’s support that today
Gaurav is the proud owner of PROMO Expertz and Toronto Records music label. In
fact, his first digital market venture, “promo expertz”, was launched when
Gaurav was still in college.

Gaurav is a young
digital entrepreneur, born in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. In fact, when he was just
14 years old, Gaurav had started generating traffic on networking sites like
WIttyFeed, earning Rs. 2000-3000 on a daily basis. The early success pushed him
further on the path of digital promotion. After expressing an early interest in
social media, he is today running a successful digital marketing business,
helping his clients enhance their presence online. And his working principle in
business and life is, “The key behind anyone’s success is hardwork and persistence.”
At Promo expertz, Gaurav handles digital promotion of Punjabi songs as well as
songs of Bollywood movies. Besides, the company also works on projects like
political campaigning and management of artists. It has offices in Meerut,
Delhi and Mumbai. Some of his notable projects are doing promotion for Kangana
Ranaut-starrer ‘Manikarnika’ and Shakti Kapoor’s “The Journey of Karma.”

Promo expertz is a
leading digital marketing company in the industry, which gives result-oriented
services in a cost-effective manner. Apart from creating the market potential
for his clients, Gaurav also introduces path-breaking technologies to social
media and guides his clients with his knowledge and expertise, to create
successful online businesses. His strength lies in the fact that he is
providing good content consistently to his clients, thus, grabbing eyeballs of
the viewers. Gaurav believes that the quality of content needs to be
outstanding in order for it to create the desired impact.

Gaurav has used his
digital marketing skills to work with some of the most renowned names in the
world of business, glamour, films, etc. His recent project, an album named
“Black Eyebrow”, broke the internet when it was released. As for the future
plans, Gaurav is keen to expand his business all over the world, especially to
countries like Canada and Australia, with sizeable Punjabi populations.

This self-made young
entrepreneur’s journey is no less inspiring for others who want to follow in
his footsteps.

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