Here’s Why You Should Stop Using The Hoth Immediately!

Here’s Why You Should Stop Using The Hoth Immediately!

Companies like The Hoth promise many services, but this can come with the cost of risking high industry standards. Unlike The Hoth, companies like LinkGraph don’t cut corners on quality. Here are some things to consider once you make the shift to improve your digital marketing for your business and consider why you should stop using The Hoth.

Domain Authority

Domain authority is commonly measured by an SEO tool called Moz. Domain authority takes many different factors into account to come up with a ranked number. This number starts out at 1 but can go up to 100. The higher the number means the greater the ranking ability for the link you have. Achieving a higher DA is something that LinkGraph excels at compared to The Hoth.

This is especially true with LinkGraph’s white hat SEO strategies. White hat search engine optimization pushes for organic growth. The goal of this type of marketing is to grow traffic to your site in the way top search engines intend. LinkGraph pays attention to this SEO by creating links with higher standards and higher DA numbers. Using white-hat SEO is well-regarded by search engines like Google. In fact, if anything seems fraudulent or sneaky in its nature (like black hat SEO) it can actually be banned. This is exactly why LinkGraph beats out the competitors. With their close detail to attention, you avoid the possibility of irrelevant links (with lower DAs) that The Hoth creates.

Quality Content

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With LinkGraph, you’re getting more than spewed out content. You’re getting quality content that is reviewed by multiple members of their qualified and experienced content marketing team. This means people from all walks of the digital marketing team are taking the steps and working to create the best-in-class content for your company. Editors, writers, content strategists, and optimization specialists are hard at work creating your content. This team knows that in order to have worthwhile content, they must source their links from reputable sources. They prioritize that their linking checks all of the boxes and then some. What’s worth noting with LinkGraph is that all of the articles receive the same quality assurance. Even if it’s a guest post with two links or long-form articles with twenty, the business you’re asking of LinkGraph does not affect the kind of service you receive. Their overarching standard is to provide content that stands the test of time for all customers.


SEO works effectively when the company you’re paying to optimize your site communicates well with you. LinkGraph ensures direct communication with clients so that you’re steps closer to attaining your goals. You also get a customer dashboard where you can use the various tools available to you and easily check on progress. These tools range from the ability to do keyword research or actively view your backlinks. Another thing to note is that LinkGraph works with you individually to understand your desires prior to creating links. They want the full picture so they can get the most valued keywords before creating links or content. You’re not just ordering marketing assistance, you’re working with them to get results.


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Once you’re ready to make the switch to LinkGraph, get in touch with a representative. Or better yet, try out a free consultation. With LinkGraph’s services, you have the potential for a reputable standing in the search engine world. As you commit to LinkGraph, you also commit to the limitless potential for your company as their content creators work to create above average content and contribute to your success.

Author | Emily Forbes 

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