Fortunate Losers band of Sudbury, Coulson Hotel, Facebook, YouTube

Lead singer Devon Cox, bassist Brent Boileau, guitarist Brad Giffen and drummer Kyle Poulin are the Fortunate Losers. Supplied

Greater Sudbury’s own Fortunate Losers band has made the best of a bad situation.

The band – lead singer Devon Cox; bassist Brent Boileau; guitarist Brad Giffen; and drummer Kyle Poulin – recorded a live show at The Coulson Hotel in late July and, on Aug. 21, released the concert video entitled  “Quarantined @ The Coulson” on both the band’s Facebook page and on YouTube.

The 45-minute concert video features one song from Fortunate Losers’ first album, Cut Teeth, and four from the second album, Tidal Waves, which was just released this spring, as well as interviews with band members.

“It was definitely a different feel, playing without the crowd and not having anyone listen to it,” said Giffen, who did audio editing work with the concert video. “We tried to keep it as close to a live show as possible, to give people the feeling of what they have been missing.”

Poulin did the video editing with the concert, which this week had had more than 2,000 views.

Giffen said the idea to do a quarantine concert came from the band’s sound guy, who, coincidentally, is also the sound guy at the Coulson Hotel.

“We said ‘oh yeah,” recalled Giffen. “We just thought it would be exciting to give everybody out there free play.”

Giffen said there is no planned date to end the availability of Quarantined @ The Coulson.

“As long as the world keeps spinning,” he joked.

Formed in 2015 by Cox and Boileau, Giffen joined Fortunate Losers in 2017. Poulin came on board recently.

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