YouTube video: Rescue of Cornwall dog Toobs overboard off Falmouth

The incredible story of how a missing dog fell overboard and swam more than two and half miles before a chance discovery in a cave has now been told in an emotional video by her owner.

Wayne Booth made national headlines last week when his short-haired border collie Toobs – also known as Joanah – was found by two kayakers on holiday in St Mawes.

It came at the end of an all-night search involving police and coastguard search on land and sea – including thermal imaging – and huge public appeal online, with Wayne praying she had managed to get to shore and was out there waiting to be found.

The full story of how Toobs came to be discovered can be read here: Owner joy as chance cave discovery leads to reunion with dog who fell overboard

Now a dramatic and emotional video documenting the story, including footage from when Wayne was searching for Toobs followed by the tear-jerking reunion in St Mawes, has been made:

Video: Wayne Booth

Wayne lives with ten-year-old Toobs on a boat just off Falmouth’s Prince of Wales Pier.

Despite her advancing years, she is described by Wayne as a “fast and fit dog” who is actually a champion in bikejör – similar to dog sledding but using mountain bikes.

She made it through to the British championships six years ago, coming sixth against 2,000 dogs, and with no competition since she remains the reigning champion in the south west.

Toobs can even climb the ladder at the Prince of Wales Pier.

An emotional reunion for Wayne and Toobs

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