Digital marketing expert Liridon Vrapca discusses how leading brands went digital amidst the pandemic

The global coronavirus outbreak has put several businesses with mounting challenges. For some companies, establishing a digital presence was not a key priority. However, to survive amidst the pandemic, business owners were forced to make quick changes to their operations and strategies. Digital marketing expert Liridon Vrapca shares his insights on several ways to overhaul business and how businesses are migrating online amidst the pandemic.

The necessity of a strong digital presence

Some businesses were operating entirely offline. They are now attempting to develop their digital presence. In today’s digital world, a robust digital presence is essential for consumers to connect, relate, and transact. Essentially, it is an online representation of the firm and can fulfill several roles. From informing the user about what the company does to selling its products and providing customer care. Hence, it is essential to ensure that a business must create the best possible experience for its users when they connect online. Liridon pointed out how various sectors have adapted to the sudden change, including retail, corporates, brands, and even educational institutions. Liridion added, “The world was forced to migrate online. Though the process was already well underway, the pandemic has catalyzed the process substantially.”

New methods of engagement

The digital realm offers a plethora of new tools, techniques, and concepts to help brands and businesses engage with their target audience. From utilizing features like Facebook live to using e-commerce, companies are striking up new conversations with their customers, and simultaneously expanding their audience by migrating online. Liridon added, “While most people are accustomed to transacting online, businesses can connect with their customers in unique and creative ways. The possibilities are limitless.”

The emergence of more online marketplaces

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed people to choose online methods of shopping. People avoid going to public markets to reduce the chances of infection and to promote social distancing. Even traditional shoppers who believe in the look and feel of the objects before making a purchase decision are now adapting to the new norm of buying products online to preserve their health. The role of digital media is stronger than ever. Businesses are scrambling to capitalize on this new trend.

Revamping business model

Luxury business brands are re-evaluating their brick and mortar business model and implementing the omnichannel approach with an enhanced digital strategy to boost sales. Though several such brands are relatively nascent, these are witnessing an enormous push from both digital players who see this as an opportunity and large-scale brands who see this as a necessary supplement to their brick and mortar model.

Liridon believes that the need of the hour calls for immediate transition online through existing tools and resources. Having a digital presence, transacting online, and staying engaged with customers are the top three priorities for business to survive these trying and testing times.

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