The Trump campaign’s latest YouTube ads have been seen 40 million times.

The Trump campaign kicked off its convention response with a flashy ad buy placed at the top of YouTube’s home page for a 96-hour stretch, seeking to bracket the virtual Democratic National Convention on the most popular video platform on the internet.

It also bought a lot of eyes. Since the pricey campaign launched on Tuesday morning, five new ads in heavy rotation on YouTube have garnered more than 40 million views. The Trump campaign’s nightly shows and broadcasts, by comparison, have barely topped 100,000 views on the platform.

The five ads run the gamut of attacks against Joseph R. Biden Jr., the Democratic nominee, and have marked the return of the Trump campaign’s varied — and sometimes inconsistent — criticisms of the former vice president.

One ad falsely depicts moments of violence from largely peaceful protests earlier this year as evidence of a violent “radical leftist mob,” and edits in statements from Democratic officials and members of the news media defending the protests. The ad is a return to a focus on policing issues for the Trump campaign, which spent more than $25 million on the topic earlier this summer.

Two other ads take issue with Mr. Biden’s age, selectively editing videos and using popular memes to question his cognitive state, with one ad adopting a campy, faux-horror movie aesthetic. The campaign had run similar memes on Facebook earlier this year, but it has since stopped.

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