Robert Walter Brandenburg Discusses Effective Project Management in the Field of Digital Marketing

Robert Walter Brandenburg Florida

Robert Walter Brandenburg Discusses Effective Project Management in the Field of Digital Marketing

ORLANDO, FL, USA, August 18, 2020 / — “As a Project Manager, your most critical function is to make sure that everyone on your team is on the same page,” says Robert Walter Brandenburg, Florida based.

“Deadlines, progress reports, client updates, shifts in industry trends – it can all impact everything your digital marketing team does. You have to be able to synthesize that information and communicate it successfully.”

With the help of online project management tools, collaboration software, and cloud storage systems, Robert Walter Brandenburg, Orlando manages a global development team and creates content for clients as well.

“We’re used to hearing about ‘agile project management’ in software companies and the tech fields, but I think it surprises people when I talk about project management in digital marketing. But you have to remember – digital marketing companies deal in nothing but tech. From social platforms to building websites to deciphering data analytics – there are so many moving pieces. And they’re all digital,” says Robert Walter Brandenburg.

That’s where project management comes in. “My job is to pull the pieces together until they make sense,” says Robert. His tips on how to do his job even more efficiently are as follows.

You Have to Learn to Love Learning Says Robert Walter Brandenburg

In digital marketing, you have to keep up with more than just the trends in your own field – and that’s difficult enough with platforms like Google Analytics and Facebook updating and changing their infrastructure on what feels like a daily basis.

“You also have to keep up with your clients’ industry trends,” says Robert Walter Brandenburg, Orlando. “So if you work for a doctor’s office, a plumber, and a restaurant, you better know what’s happening with patient engagement, pipe laying technology, and food costs. It can be overwhelming, but if you foster a sense of curiosity, you’ll never get bored in this job!”

You Have to Be a Storyteller says Robert Walter Brandenburg

“As a project manager, you can’t focus only on the details – you have to see the bigger picture they make up, or your projects aren’t going anywhere,” advises Robert Walter Brandenburg.

He suggests that when you’re building a campaign or looking over a piece of content, you should always keep in mind the question, “How is this furthering my client’s story?” If it’s not, it’s time to make some tweaks to your approach.

Robert Walter Brandenburg is a seasoned leader of global support teams. He has extensive incident and project management experience that he developed through progressive project delivery roles at Walt Disney Parks/Resorts, Marriott Hotels, and other Fortune 500 companies. His current engagement includes the managing of a global development team as well as being a contributing member for Optsus Marketing (embed link: or to my LinkedIn profile). They provide WordPress web design/support and site optimization solutions for its customers so they can focus on running their business and not their website.

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